Wednesday 25th February 2009

Kia Ora Whanau Koka Vickie and I arrived yesterday at the Wylie Court Hotel in Rotorua. Unfortunately we could not access internet from our room. We woke up early this morning and had a long talk with the MAC experts at the Conference Centre. If you click on the photos in this little slideshow you will be able to read and find out where we are. Have a nice day.

Wednesday 24th February – 2009

Breakout One – Inquiry Learning – At the Core of it.

Poroutawhao – Roll 138

A lot of reading, discussion and reflection on what inquiry is as a staff. Developing the model around what is important to their school.

Gosh what a lot of assessment. Key Competencies even assessed. As they go through their process they assess each stage of their inquiry model.

A Good idea - School Inquiry Model displayed in each room. Students move their name next to the process they are at.


They have developed an Indicator Sheet, which has borrowed from other curriculum areas (numeracy and literacy). Staff developed this.

Solo Taxomony is worth checking out. Shared assessment tool for thinking that teachers and students can use to assess monitor the process of thinking.

Vicks and Sam

Breakout Two:
5 Frame digital storytelling
Using Flickr to publish photo’s. 5 picture slideshows published. Online feedback and helpful hints. Here is a helpful link with a step by step guide.
Positives and Helpful Hints.
  • Flickr can be used as an online editor and you can change the pixels.
  • Feedback and feed forward by lots of different people,
  • Online discussion.
  • Posting photos on blogs with a url through flickr
  • A helpful wikispace with step by step instructions.

Sam and Kim .P.

Breakout Three:
Juniors can do “IT”
Wonderfully inspirational. Little helpful tips for junior activities
Positives and Helpful Hints.
-Using up close shots to take interesting photos
-Using Comic Life to create posters

-Personality Photos

-Enhancing art work with collage of body and digital image of photos.
-Art work digital image of face cut in half and photocopied
- Taking a photo and gluing onto art work.

Really enjoyed her energy.


If you want to check out some of the Naticluster notes from the conference please click on the link.